We have a lake near our house were I go to swim everyday. Now, I've been affected by swimmers ear. Kindly suggest some home remedies?

What happens is that when we spend a long time in the water some amount of water manages to get into our ears. Once inside the water cannot come out. It stays inside the inner ear and creates a warm and moist atmosphere, perfect for the breeding of bacteria. This can cause steady pain in the ear. In some cases it results in sudden, sharp burst of pain. Hearing is usually affected and people complain of a loss of hearing.

If the pain does not subside and if you notice that your hearing has been badly affected, it is advisable to seek the advice of a trained doctor. One of the easiest remedies involves wetting a cloth and then putting it into the microwave for a short while. Take out the cloth and wrap it in a towel and then use this towel to provide relief to the ear. The heat gives much needed relief while it also helps remove the water from the ear. You can also heat a pan on the stove and heat a towel on this. This towel can be used on the area around your ear to provide relief. The warmth helps reduce the pain.

You can also use a variety of liquids to drop into your ears. Warm oil is a favorite and can be poured into each ear by turns. You can also mix equal quantities of vinegar and rubbing alcohol. This works well when dropped into the ear canal. You can also use baby oil if you are unable to find any other oil. Drop this into the affected ears and then let it go down.

If the ear is still damp, then this could be slowing down the process of recovery. You can use your hair drier to dry the inside of your ear. Ensure that you don't hold the hair drier too close to your ear and make sure you wave it around so that the ear can get dry.

For future swimming schedules, you should ensure that you take care to swim in a completely clean swimming pool. You can also use some plugs to ensure that the water does not enter your ear again. Tilt your head sideways after you finish swimming, to ensure that all the liquid has drained out.

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