I am only a 10 year old but I have swimmers ear, it hurts when I talk. The water is already dried so, it doesn't work to shake my head. Soon it travelled and now it hurts my neck when I talk. What do I do?

At the age of 10 years, if you have developed such a bad case of swimmer's ear, then you need to get medical attention, as well as the attention of adults around you! The problem should not have progressed this far. It shows that you have had this problem for a long time now and have been neglecting it. Chances are that you have developed an infection of some sort. The first thing for you to do is get a medical examination to ensure that this is indeed swimmer's ear that has gone out of hand and nothing else. Only a doctor can do this for you.

The commonest remedies for swimmer's ear are to put a drop of garlic juice in the ear and let it remain for a while. This has healing as well as antiseptic properties that will help to clean up your ear considerably. You must also make it a point to keep your ears dry as much as you can. If this means no swimming for a few days, try to manage that. If you must swim, then make it a point to put a couple of drops of mineral oil in your ears and plug them before you hit the pool. Also remember that swimming below the surface of the water is an absolute no-no, as this will only aggravate your problem.

answered by M W

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