Does concord grape juice and pectin help pain from arthritis for older people 55 and up?

Arthritis is a condition which is caused because of inflammation of your joints. This condition weakens the people suffering it and often makes it difficult for them to lead a normal life. People suffering form Arthritis find that not only are they unable to bend their hands and feet in the joints, they are also unable to do something as simple as make a fist with all their fingers.

Drinking grape juice and pectin in order to find relief for pain in the knees is basically a home remedy. This has gained a lot of popularity, with people the world over swearing by the effectiveness of this remedy.

The home remedy that has become so popular uses a thickening agent which is used to make jellies and jellies as the main ingredient in your remedy. You can take two teaspoons of this thickening agent and add 1 to three ounces of grape juice. This can be mixed well and drunk at least twice a day. You can also use this particular thickening agent and add it to eight ounces of grape juice. This should be mixed well and then drunk.

The thickening agent contains a natural extract which is known as pectin. Pectin is a product that is usually found in plant cells. Although the thickening agent is sold predominantly to be used to act as a thickening agent for jellies and jams, Pectin actually does possess the ability to reduce pain and inflammation in the joints. This inflammation is usually caused due to the fact that the cartilages are suffering from wear and tear. The cartilages actually protect the various joints in our body. It is the cartilage which helps us cushion against the pains that is caused by the loss of muscles and soft tissue. The loss of the soft tissues and the muscles causes the bones to brush against each other. It is this friction that causes joints which ache because of the inflammation. Regular use of the thickening agent and the grape juice has helped thousands of people find a relief from the terrible pain of the inflamed joints. However, despite the apparent success of this remedy among people suffering from arthritis, you should seek the help of your doctor. Your doctor will not only examine you, but also ascertain the extent of wear and tear and be able to tell you if this combination of grape juice and pectin should be followed.

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