what is the safe remedies for shrinking uterus fibroids any size that does require surgery and to keep the uterus intact if not cancerous?

Particular herbal curatives that comprise a mix of herbs of red clover and chaparral are known to contract and shrink most abnormal mass of tissues, overgrowths, and benign cysts. These herbs help the body to develop a strong defense mechanism and helps combats infectious cells.

The stinging nettle plant is a boon to womankind especially because of its healing properties for menstruation and in shrinking fibroid growths. Take a handful of nettle leaves and infuse them in boiling water. Take care to see that the water has been taken off the heat. For every one part of nettle leaves add ten parts of water. This infusion should be allowed to stand for half an hour. Once cooled, half a cup of this infusion must be had six times a day. In addition you can also make a therapy using nettle roots. Take one tablespoon of nettle roots and add a cup of water to it. Boil this mix for approximately 10 minutes. Once boiled in the stipulated timeframe let the infusion soak in well for an hour. Have two tablespoons of this mix three to four times a day. It should preferably be had on an empty stomach for a period of two months.

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