I have a sun burn with blisters. I want to know, what I can do with that I have at home to help ease the pain so, I can sleep at night?

Sunburn blisters are usually very painful and are caused by an overexposure to the UV rays of the sun. Therefore, the first step in sunburn blisters treatment is to reducing such an exposure. Sunburn blisters appear like any other skin condition. There is heavy blistering of the skin in areas where the exposure has been especially severe. The severity of the symptoms usually depends on the length of exposure to the sun. There is no therapy that can alleviate the symptoms of sunburn blisters. In fact, the first symptoms might begin to appear 10 to 36 hours after the first exposure has been experienced.

There is not much in the way of sunburn blisters treatment. On the other hand, there are a lot of home remedies for sunburn relief. You may experience some itching and pain along with the blistering on the skin. The home remedies for sunburn blisters treatment can also help in sunburn itching relief.

You can keep the affected area cool by simply using cold compresses. A dampened towel which is soaked well in cool water can be used for a cool compress. Simply soak the towel in ice cold water, squeeze off the excess water, and then keep it on the affected area. Stop taking warm baths for a while and instead take cool baths. If you are feeling a burning sensation, you can apply cool compresses. However, never apply ice directly to a sunburn blister. Ice can only make it worse. The juice of an aloe vera when taken fresh from a leaf and applied over your blisters would help treat the blisters faster. This is considered one of the essential home remedies for sunburn relief. In order to moisturize the skin, only use a water based moisturizer.

Sunburn blisters treatment can help remove the blisters from your skin. However, it is best not to pick at them or drain them yourselves because these can get infected. If your blisters are too big, you can cover them lightly with a gauze strip. This way you can carry on with your everyday work. For intense burning and itching, you can soak a few chamomile tea bags in ice water and use those tea bags to cool your skin.

Sunburn healing may take a few weeks, and during this time, your skin may begin to peel. The outer layer of the skin peels and you may have pink flesh for a few days. This is nothing to worry about. To continue with the sunburn blisters treatment, you can continue to moisturize the dry and cracking old skin which is peeling off.

answered by M W

Treating sun burn or excessive sun exposure can help in reducing the severity of the symptoms, but regrettably there is no quick-fix sunburn therapy. With sunburn, the damage is already done - even though it may take anywhere between 10 to 36 hours after sun exposure to realize the magnitude and degree of sunburn, and a number of days for the skin to begin healing. In the meanwhile the most efficient sunburn treatment plainly helps in easing the discomfort. Keep the affected area cool with the help of cold compresses. Take a dampened towel soaked in cool or cold water and apply it to the skin directly after squeezing out the excess water from the towel. Take cool baths over hot water baths, to relieve the pain and protect the blisters.

You could apply the juice from an aloe plant, or a water based moisturizer on to the affected sun burnt skin. At best it is always good to leave the sun burn blisters unbroken. Do not attempt in breaking open the blisters to drain out the fluid. You will only land up slowing the healing process of the blisters and augment the risk of secondary infection. If the blisters are too big and come in the way of your daily duties, you can cover them lightly with cotton gauze. You may experience peeling of the outer layer of the skin. You may notice that the affected area has started to peel, which is not a reason to get alarmed. It is plainly the body's way of getting rid of the outer layer of weakened skin. While the skin is peeling, keep on applying the moisturizing agent.

See a dermatologist for sunburn treatment if the sunburn blisters starts to spread to a large area of the body. Moreover if the sunburn symptoms do not get better in a few days you must seek medical help immediately. To avoid future occurrences of sunburns, apply sunscreen as often as possible and liberally. It will also help if you cover up while being outdoors, and try to remain in the shade as far as possible.

Some herbal measures such as chamomile extracts, may help in relieving the sunburn symptoms. In most cases, tiny blisters often recover on their own. If the blisters are on the feet or legs, do not wear tight-fitting footwear or do activities that chafe or cause annoyance to the affected area until the blisters have healed. As for large blisters, they usually break open and heal on their own without any difficulties. It is important to maintain personal hygiene and wash the hands thoroughly with soap and running water before touching the blisters. Apply an antibiotic application or cream to prevent infection.

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Sunburn blisters can be very painful and are caused due to over exposure to the sun for a prolonged period of time. There are a number of home remedies hat you can use in order to help heal the blisters faster. However you must remember to never burst the blisters as it will only worsen your sunburn. The blister is the body's natural defense mechanism against infection and allows the fresh skin to heal properly. Oat meal is a good remedy for sunburn. All you have to do is apply an oatmeal compress to your sunburn and wash it off after a couple of minutes. Add ordinary baking soda to a tepid bath water for effective relief as well. Take some lettuce leaves and boil for ten minutes. Strain the leaves and refrigerate the left over water. Once cool apply the water to the sunburned areas. Aloe Vera is also a widely used remedy for sunburns. It has the ability to reduce the pain, re-hydrate the burned skin and also speed up the healing process. You can use the sap that is directly obtained from the plant or you can also purchase a gel which contains processed aloe Vera. Calamine powder is another effective remedy and you can either use calamine lotion or mix calamine powder with rose water or the juice of a cucumber and apply it to your blisters for relief.

Raw potatoes can also be used to heal sunburn blisters. All you have to do is take two potatoes and rinse them thoroughly. Cut them into thick slices and put them on a blender. If the finished product is a little dry then add a little water to it. Apply the potato paste to your burns and wait for it to dry. Once it dries take a cold shower to wash it off. Repeat the process daily until you get relief.

A mixture of barley turmeric and yoghurt is also helpful in curing burns. Make a paste out of the three ingredients and apply it over the sunburned area. Allow it remain like that for about thirty or forty minutes and wash it gently using cool water. Applying the raw white off an egg will also bring relief to your pain. Avoid using petroleum jelly or butter to treat your blisters as they retain the heat in the blisters and hence makes it worse. Wear loose cotton clothing when sleeping.

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