How would you make the garlic juice for the earache?

An earache is a common problem that affects both adults and children. The pain that one experiences during an earache could range from a slight dull ache to a sharp burning pain. Either one or both of the ears could be aching, and this pain could be constant or temporary. Earaches are generally caused due to a buildup of fluid or pressure in the middle ear. It could also be due to a swelling or inflammation of the ear's structures such as the auditory canal (external) and the tympanic membrane. Some other causes of earache could be dental problems, allergies, cold, air plane pressure changes, and build-up of fluid or ear wax.

Earache symptoms vary for babies, toddlers, and kids as well as adults, and the treatment may also vary depending on which age group the affected person belongs to. Earache symptoms in babies, toddlers, and kids include increased crying, irritability, fever, and fussiness. Adults on the other hand complain of a dull ringing or buzzing in the ear, pain, hearing loss, and itching of the ear. There are many home remedies for earache and pain, and one can get relief with the help of products such as olive oil and vinegar that are easily available on the kitchen shelf. Earaches in children and adults can be treated in a number of ways. Here are few home remedies that you can try.

  • Apply a cold pack around the child's ear (on the outside) for about twenty minutes or so to help reduce the pain. Give your child some gum to chew if she/he is old enough. This may reduce the pressure and pain associated with an infected ear.
  • Warm some onion juice and put a couple of drops in the ear. This is quite an effective treatment for an earache. Three to four drops of olive oil put in the ears may also help reduce the irritation and pain in the ear. Putting a few drops of mustard oil in your ears regularly helps reduce any chances of getting an ear infection.
  • If you want to know how to treat an earache at home fast and naturally while pregnant here's an effective cure. Put a few drops of garlic juice or extract into the affected ear. The earache is generally due to some infection, and the antibacterial properties of garlic helps fight off any infection.
  • Another effective home remedy for earaches is applying some mineral oil into the affected ear twice everyday. Wax buildup could be the reason for the earache. The mineral oil helps the wax to break down and naturally loosen out. Heat two to three flakes of garlic in a little mustard oil (two teaspoons) till the garlic turns black. Once the oil cools, put a couple of drops into the ear to get some relief from the pain.
  • Another home remedy that is quite effective is a warm compress held to the ear. You could either use a hot water bottle or a towel wrung in hot water for immediate relief. After a bath or a shower use a hair dryer (warm setting) to dry and soothe your ears.
  • Draining the blockage in the Eustachian tubes is also considered to be quite effective among most home remedies for an earache. This is very easy to do. Use a couple of pillows to prop your head while sleeping, yawn to loosen the muscles that open the tubes, and chew gum or some food. You can also close both your nostrils and gently blow through your nose for a few seconds to get some relief. If you have a cold, check with your health care provider if you can take a decongestant.

If you find that the home remedies for earache are not helping, it is best that you see your health care provider.

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Garlic is a good antibiotic; it can be easily used for earache. You can use garlic for earache as suggested below -

  • Crush few cloves of garlic. Put it in thin napkin and squeeze. Put 2 drops of warm juice in ear.
  • One can put the thin napkin with crushed garlic on the ear. It will give cool effect.
  • Take 3-4 cloves of garlic. Boil them in water. After that mash the cloves. Add salt and put the mixture in woolen cloth. Put the cloth on your ear.
  • Make a mixture of ¼ cup of hot olive oil and 4-5 crushed garlic cloves. Mash the garlic finely in the oil. Put the 2 drops of this oil in ear for relief. Massage gently behind earlobe.
  • You can use garlic in the form of garlic oil. Put 1-2 drops of garlic oil for earache.
  • Heat 2-3 cloves of garlic in mustard oil till the cloves become black. Put 1-2 drops of this oil in ear when warm.
  • Mixture of 2-3 drops of grape seeds juice and garlic oil for putting in ear gives relief.

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