Natural cures for high blood pressure

Walk is the best to lower, high BP n diabetic, 30 min walk in the morning n 30 min walk in the evening with in no time you will see the difference, but with walk diet is important too, no salt not at all for 15-20 days, no oil, no meat, later you can have but little, eat vegetable, fruits.Mint leaves are good for lowering BP, dry mint leaves make powder, have half teaspoon in the morning before breakfast and half in the evening. I assure you if you follow my tips n remedies you will not take any medicine for high BP.

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I forgot to mention that stress can be detrimental. Learn to relax and remain stress-free as far as possible.

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Fruits and fruit juices are soothing.

If you have high BP, salt (which is sodium chloride) and high sodium foods like processed and canned foods should be restricted. Papads, pickles and ketchup should be restricted.

For more on diet, speak to a dietitian.

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