I am an ex-smoker. I have not smoked or drank alcohol for 2 yrs. I have high blood pressure 145/60 my heart beat is 61. Would my previous smoking still affect my blood pressure today?

There is no direct relation between past smoking and alcohol consumption to your present condition of high blood pressure. In fact it is good that you have realised the effect it has had on your blood pressure as smoking and drinking are known to be one of the main causes of the onset of cardiovascular diseases in high blood pressure patients. Smoking causes the arteries to narrow down even faster in patients suffering from high blood pressure.

Though the effects of smoking and alcohol on your body will take a long time to heal, it will not affect your current medical condition. You can complement this step of having quit smoking and alcohol consumption by following a healthy lifestyle by eating a diet that is low in fats, salt and preservatives, matching your height to weight and exercising regularly. Take your medication as prescribed regularly and if you must drink or smoke again do so in strict moderation. Consult your doctor for further advice on the long term effects smoking and drinking has had on the other parts of your body as well , this will help you understand how the maintenance and healing of these organs can help reduce your blood pressure as well.

answered by M W

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