I think I have kidney infection, I am in pain. what can I do?

A kidney infection is an extremely serious problem and certainly cannot be pre supposed. Only if you are certain that you are suffering from a kidney infection should you try to take any kind of medication which will help you with it. If you merely think you have an infection, then the first thing to do is to get a medical examination and ensure that this is where your problem lies. For immediate relief from any kind of pain, you can try an over the counter pain killer which is slightly stronger than a regular dose. Apart from this, nothing can be recommended for you for the time being. It is preferable you wait for doctors to open their doors before you try anything else in any case.

There are some basic methods you can follow to cleanse and detoxify your kidneys if indeed you are suffering from an infection. But keep in mind that this would have to be done in addition to a proper course of medical treatment. Changing your diet alone will hardly be of any help if you are not working towards removing the infection from its roots. The first thing you must do is to start drinking excessive amounts of water everyday. This will go a long way towards flushing your kidneys and cleansing them of excessive and unnecessary toxins that may be present. Make it a point to eat radish everyday – just make sure you have it before sunset, as it will give you serious gas otherwise. Radish will cleanse your kidneys and also help to detoxify them to a great extent. Cranberry juice is also a good way to keep kidneys clean. Increase your intake of fresh vegetables and fruits like celery, apples, asparagus, papayas, and all citrus fruits. These methods should help you along with medicines as well.

answered by G M

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