What are the symptoms and cures for cluster migraine headaches?

Cluster migraines are vascular migraines or headaches. It occurs in male and female at a ratio of 5:1. This kind of migraine can occur at any age including infancy, childhood and adolescence.

Cluster Migraine results in sudden severe pain, exerting more on one side of the face. This pain is often associated with runny nose, nasal congestion and watery eyes. The migraine is caused in the nerve responsible for carrying sensation from the head to the brain. Persistent cluster migraine can also affect quality of life and result in depression.

The main causes of cluster migraines are expansion of blood vessels present on the brain's surface, excess pressure on nerve endings, nitroglycerine, stress, anxiety, odor, hormonal changes, extreme weather changes and prolonged exposure to heat or cold.

When these causes influence a person, it results in nausea, vomiting, stuffy nose, dizziness, watery eyes, visual disturbance and high blood pressure. Excessive sweating on the affected side of the face is also a common symptom of cluster migraine. Other associated symptoms include increased sweating of forehead and desire to walk, kneel or jog in a place.

For curing cluster migraines, you need to adopt a low carbohydrate and high protein diet. Include more of almond, almond milk, garlic, cherries, pineapple and avoid alcohols, meats, avocados, fish, dairy products and red plums. Involve yourself in yogic activities and other physical exercises.

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