How Do I Safely Remove Ear Wax

Buildup of ear wax is a very common occurrence. However, sometimes, the buildup of ear wax can be quite significant and, if not dealt with, could cause a number of hearing problems due to obstruction in the ear canal. There are a number of home remedies for ear wax that could help you avoid this problem. One of the most effective natural ear wax removal methods is the use of hydrogen peroxide. A small vial of the solution can be purchased over the counter at your local medical store and then applied into your ear canal with the help of a medicinal dropper and drain the ear after a few minutes – once the wax has been allowed to melt.  While the use of ear buds is the most common method of cleaning the ear canal, it tends to sometimes push solidified regions of wax farther down the ear canal.

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Excessive ear wax build ups are a cause for great discomfort. Sometimes, they can actually give you sharp poking pains in the ear as well. However, this would happen only if you have let them be for too much time. It is wiser to go to a doctor and have your ears professionally cleaned if this is the case, as it may be difficult and painful to remove the wax on your own. However, if you feel you can handle the pain while trying out self help remedies, that is fine too. Just keep in mind that anything you try on your own will work slowly and you may have to be in pain for more time.

One of the best remedies to deal with excessive wax is to pour a bit of warm water in your ear, leave it there for a few seconds and then let it drain out. You should keep doing this till you see that the water that you are draining out is colored. This will indicate that the wax is melting and finally coming out of your ears. You must also make sure that you use water that is clean, and it should be decently warm, but not hot enough to scald your ear. If this does not work for you, you can also put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ear and let it stand till you hear a popping sound. This sound indicates that the hydrogen peroxide is working its magic and is cleaning up your ear. You can drain out the peroxide by simply leaning in the right direction and then use a swab to clean out your ear. The waxy deposits will come out with the swab. You must also make it a routine to do this every month so that you have well maintained cleanliness in your ears.

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