Male & Female Circumcision Infection Treatment using Home Remedies

Circumcision in basic terms is the removal of the fore skin of the penis. the operation is performed for social medical or religious reasons. There also exists female circumcision and is also known as female genital mutilation. After a circumcision the area of the circumcision should be washed properly. After which an antibiotic cream or petroleum jelly should be applied to the area. If there is a wound at the point if incision than the dressing should be changed regularly. The wound generally heals in about 8- 10 days. You can also use a topical anesthetic to relive the temporary stinging sensation. Since circumcision involves cutting off the foreskin there is damage done to the naturally growing skin and if not taken care off properly due low levels of hygiene or other reasons. This can lead to the development of bacteria near the wound and eventually cause an infection. The infection though not very harmful in its nascent stages; if left untreated can cause serious complications for the person.

Therefore it is important to treat this infection. The infection is generally caused by bacteria that grow in the genital and pubic areas. The growth is generally accelerated due to the build up of excess sweat in the area. The sweat serves as a platform for the bacteria to grow and spread and hence what might have then infected the circumcised area. Therefore the best remedy that you can use to combat this is to keep your genital area clean at all times. Bathing regularly will ensure this, as will the practice of wearing clean and proper fitting undergarments. Make sure to wear loose clothing to decrease the amount you sweat. To treat the infection you can probably use a over the counter anti-biotic topical cream. but before you do this consult your doctor for a proper diagnosis of what caused the infection and what type of cream or medication is needed.

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