Rib fracture care

In case of a fracture there are some basic measures that you could follow to facilitate the healing process, but these are only meant to promote healing and treatment from a doctor is required to address the condition.

Proteins and minerals are some of the important components of bones, which is why these nutrients are extremely important for you as they will promote healing. Calcium, silica and magnesium are essential minerals and all are available in variety of foods and supplements. Silica can be easily purchased and is available in most medical stores in either its capsule form or in the gel form.

Vitamins C and D are also important as they promote and facilitate the absorption of calcium. Vitamin C is even important for the health of your bones. Green food supplements that are rich in chlorophyll have a high value of trace minerals and so should form a part of your diet.

There are also some home remedies that help reduce the swelling, and help with the absorption of calcium and rebuilding of bones. You can also try horsetail baths as this will help to reduce chronic swellings around the broken bone. The silica present in horsetail is vital to the rebuilding of bones, as it helps the body to absorb and utilise calcium. Around five drops of horsetail oil added to your bath water should suffice. Applying a comfrey tincture onto the affected area, and following this with herbal packs of goldenrod or sorrel can also help. Vitamin D production is activated through exposure to the sun and it helps with the absorption of calcium and bone healing. Moderate exposure to the sun is enough and around thirty minutes should suffice. Magnetic therapy has also been found to be quite effective, helping relieve pain and speeding up the healing process.

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