I have pain in my eyes. I think this is coming due to heat once a month. What is the remedy?

I am not sure what exactly you mean by "heat". If you are referring to your menstrual periods, then no - there is no reason why your eyes should hurt during your periods. There is no other cyclical occurrence that I can think of that could make your eyes hurt once a month, which is what you seem to be implying.

In all likeliness, what you are experiencing is simply eyestrain. If this happens once a month, you need to keep track of all your activities through the month, and try to observe what changes around the time that the eye pain occurs. There is quite certain to be some change in your activities once a month, and one or more of these activities ends up straining your eyes. If the problem is indeed eye strain, the best remedy is to rest your eyes. This is a remedy so simple that most people somehow forget to use it, and instead, continue performing the activities that caused the eye strain or other activities that aggravate it. If you do rest your eyes however, the pain is should disappear within a few hours.

If this does not provide any relief, you should visit an ophthalmologist and get your eyes checked.

answered by G M

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