Home remedies for sneezing and itching eyes

Itching eyes and sneezing can appear together when you are suffering from either common cold or some seasonal allergy. Common cold is usually a result of viral or bacterial infection and can happen to anyone, anytime. Seasonal allergies, on the other hand, are caused by dust, pollen, and other foreign particles. Seasonal allergies happen mostly at specific times of the year when pollens are abundant in the air. In both cases, however, common symptoms show sneezing and itching of eyes, besides fever and headache. Usually, proper care and diet along with some preventive steps can help tackle the symptoms. However, if you happen to suffer from the symptoms for an unusually long period or at very frequent intervals, you may need to consult a doctor and ask for proper medical treatment. Meanwhile, you can try out some of the common home remedies that are often used to remedy this condition.

  • Apply cool compress on the itchy eye to get some relief. You can use ice packs directly on the eye, or you can also soak a piece of clean cloth in ice-cold water and then press it upon the eye. A cold compress is an effective way of getting relief from itchiness.
  • Use cucumber juice and rose water to wash your eyes – this will also help in reducing the eye irritation significantly.
  • Use castor oil to fight against allergy – castor oil is known to provide a soothing effect.
  • Apply carrot and beet juice on your eyes to get relief from itching.
  • Have garlic soup regularly – garlic is known to have immune-boosting qualities and also provides effective relief from common cold.
  • Use a solution prepared by boiling ginger in water. Boil slices of ginger in water, let it cool down, and then use the solution as an eye wash.
  • You can also try to boost your immune system by drinking warm milk mixed with a spoonful of turmeric powder. A diet consisting of citrus fruits and other Vitamin C-rich foods is also considered to raise the body’s resistance against allergens.

Besides these common home remedies you should also try to follow some preventive steps. Avoid contact with allergens that trigger these symptoms in your body – take special care to avoid coming in contact with pollens during the flowering season. If you can identify any other objects that you body is allergic to, avoid them as well. For common cold, you will have to take proper medication and rest as advised by the doctor.

answered by G M

Itchy and watery eyes are symptoms of eye infection, such as conjunctivitis or pink eye. Entry of dust, dander or any external substance results in itching of the eye. Inflammation of the conjunctiva results in conjunctiva. Deficiency of vitamin A increases the susceptibility to infection. Use of contact lens also causes itching and irritation of the eye. Measles and other infections result in pink eye. Drug abuse or use of nonprescription eye drops is seen to increase infection. Avoid eye makeup, especially during infection. Sleep on clean matresses and change pillow covers often. Contamination of eye makeup during infection is common. Discard them and go in for new ones. Washing your hands frequently before touching eyes is preferred. Avoid contact with eyes frequently. Not wearing contact lenses, during infection period helps. Commercial eye drops possess anti bacterial properties. Sunglasses are preferred while going out. Cotton balls are used as warm compress and placed over the infected eye. Best results are obtained when this procedure is followed for three to four times. Supplements of vitamin A and vitamin C helps in healing.

answered by Dr C

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