What can you do for eye pain that's sensitive to light and a red eye?

Suffering from red eye is not only a very painful experience, but will also substantially affect your ability to work. One of the biggest problems that people face when affected by red eye is sensitivity to light. However, in the event that your eye is just sore and sensitive, without being affected by red eye (conjunctivitis), you may want to look at certain factors in your lifestyle that are causing the condition. Redness of the eye could easily be the result of simple fatigue or an irritant in the eye that is causing the vessels around the surface of the eye to swell up. Though this could be a possible reason, it is better to check with the doctor regarding the cause.

Because the condition is so common, there are a number of home remedies that will help ease eye pain and sensitivity to light. One of the easiest options is to simply apply a cold compress on the affected eye as this will help soothe the affected blood vessels. You can also try placing a piece of cucumber on the each eye for a period of about 10 minutes to take advantage of the cooling effect of the vegetable. These remedies can be continued even if you are on medical treatment; however keep the doctor informed.

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The structure of the eyes is such that light is allowed to enter the eyes. This light is focused on the rear of the eye. Here, cells react to the light and send signals to the brain through the optic nerve. The opening of the eye expands and contracts based on the light conditions around the individual. In bright light, the amount of light needed for vision is less. Less light is allowed into the eyes in such a situation so as to prevent damage due to over exposure. Sensitivity to light symptoms include pain in the eyes and difficulty in focusing when one is in a situation where lighting is bright.

There are many possible causes of eye sensitivity to light. This condition, known as photophobia, may occur due to excessive use of contact lenses, physical injury to the eyes, damage to the corneal region of the eyes, drug use, meningitis or any inflammation that occurs within the eye. There are certain eye tests that are conducted with the use of pupil-dilating eye drops. In the immediate aftermath of the test, one may experience increased sensitivity to light for a short period of time. Photophobia may be corrected if the damage is reversible. One may have to wear darkened spectacles to compensate for the condition.

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Photophobia is a rather common condition that is characterized by the heightened sensitivity to light sources. There are a number of factors that could be the root cause of the problem. For instance, the condition could easily be the result of some other underlying medical condition such as acute glaucoma, albinism or even a herpes simplex viral infection and corneal injuries. Red eye symptoms include, rather obviously a significant amount of redness in the eye, swelling in the tissues around the eyes as well as in the blood vessels present in the area around the eye. Reading up on the various red eye causes and treatments will go a long way into helping you not only identify the condition faster and more effectively, but will also help you treat it more efficiently.

In the event that you are dealing with conjunctivitis, there are a number of home remedy treatment options that you can use. One of the treatment options includes putting about 2 drops of baby shampoo in a whole liter of warm water and using this solution to clean your eyes with the help of a cotton ball. Crusting of the eyes early in the morning is probably the most irritating part of conjunctivitis and can be easily avoided by simply putting a drop of the prescribed eye drops into your eyes before going to sleep at night.

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Are there any treatments for red eye caused by sensitivity to light?

The eye is supplied by a number of tiny blood vessels that feed the various parts of the eye. It is common for the eyes to turn red when the individual has been crying. Redness is also common immediately before or after sleep or when the eye has been rubbed in order to clear it of some irritating substance that might be present. Photophobia is a condition that occurs in many individuals where they tend to be sensitive to bright light. Normally, the eye compensates for this by narrowing its pupils. However, some people may still face problems in bright light conditions. This may lead to the development of redness in the eyes as well, especially if the individual has been rubbing his or her eyes.

One of the most effective treatments for red eye is the use of cool water. One can splash cool, clean water into the eyes for red eyes relief . This will soothe the eyes if they are aching and will also help to clear out any irritant present there. Eye cleansing drops can be used to provide relief to the eyes by removing dirt and providing lubrication to the eyes which helps to soothe them. This reduces irritation, thus reducing redness.

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Mix 1/2 pinch of black pepper powder by sprinkling it over 1 tsp honey. Apply this with cleaned finger inside the eye. It will smart and tears will flow out washing away any bacterial or viral infection and giving nutrition to the conjunctiva. Repeat this after 24 hours. Just 2 times is enough.

Take a homeopathic medicine called Merc sol 1000 just 2 doses at 24 hour interval.

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