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Looks can be all important in this age of glamour and beauty. Having a good body is almost as important as having a good face, and both men and women work very hard towards having the body that they can be proud of. In fact, men and women are continuously trying to get into shape by any means that they can. While there are some people who try to lose their weight and trim down, there are others who are ever searching for ways to become fat. While you will find many tips for getting thin, tips to become fat are harder to come by. In fact, how to become fat naturally is always one of the biggest unanswered questions. If you are also wondering how to become fat, here are some tips to grow fat that will help you.

For those who are naturally thin, the best home remedies for becoming fat are those related to the diet. Here's what to eat to become fat: foods that give you a lot of energy are usually good. If you consume more calories than you expend, you will be able to gain weight. This is the simplest calculations of all. It is important, however, to put on lean and healthy muscle mass instead of flab, which can actually be bad for you and cause a variety of diseases. A weight training program along with a high carb and high protein diet should be ideal in your case. As mentioned earlier, the best foods to eat to grow fat are those that give you a lot of energy. However, although chocolates and sweets are also energy dense foods, it is best to keep away from them. If you have a naturally high metabolic rate, you may have to increase the number of meals you consume. This allows your body to store some fat. High calorie foods like cereal bars and nuts are ideal. Also, avoid foods with saturated fats.

If you are wondering how to become fat and healthy, you have to consider consuming high quality proteins. When you are considering a way to become fat faster, include two grams of protein for each kilo of your body mass. This is usually more than the recommended allowance for proteins; however, it is important for weight gain. You can get yourself some natural foods to eat to grow fat. These foods help you gain muscle through their complex amino acids. Fish, eggs, and lean cuts of meats are all great sources of proteins. Milk, cottage cheese, and yogurt are also sources of proteins. Complex and unrefined carbohydrates can also help you grow fatter. Carbohydrates are energy giving foods and are converted into glycogen in the body. They also provide immediate energy as required by the body. Some of the best unrefined carbohydrates are whole wheat breads, potatoes, dry fruits, pasta made of whole wheat, brown rice, and couscous.

If you are looking for a solution to how to become fat fast, the answer is simple. Apart from the natural weight gain foods, you should also try and increase the number of meals you have. This does not mean that you overstuff yourself, but try to increase the number of servings and the serving size of the foods you eat. When you want to gain weight in the right way, it is important to follow some guidelines. The first thing to do is to modify your diet. Weight training exercises will also help you build up your muscles and give you a bulkier appearance. It is important to always remember that you do not want to get fat, you only want to increase your muscle mass.

For men and women who are extremely thin, how to become fat from being thin naturally can be a daunting question. If you are wondering how to become fat in a week, there is no answer to that question. If you are looking for tips to become fat in a month or a week, it is not going to happen, no matter what you do. This is because, there is simply no way that you can lose or gain so much of weight in just one week. So if you are wondering how to become fat quickly, there is sad news. Protein shakes can only take you so far. There is no simple way for losing your weight, and in the same manner, there is no simple way to gaining it. You can get a lot of tips to become fat fast, but it is important to know the truth behind those. How to become fatter is a question of lifestyle, and the answer involves changing your lifestyle to a large extent. Once you have adjusted your diet, try to lower any kind of activities you perform that may readily burn all the calories you are consuming. This is vital because if you are performing heavy labor or very heavy exercising, you will not be able to gain weight even if you eat energy dense food. This does not mean that you should stop any physical activity altogether. Physical activity is important but also important is to moderate it to a point where you can achieve your goal easily. Try not to skip any of your meals. Even after breaking your meals into many smaller meals, try and fit in some mid-meal snacks. Energy bars and high protein snacks are ideal for such mid-meal snacks. Gaining weight means that from an underweight body appearance, you should move onto a healthier one. It certainly does not mean that you should compromise your health for it. A high protein and carbohydrate snack schedule should get you right where you want. With that, also try specific exercises that allow you to work specific muscles. Such exercises allow you to gain muscle bulk.

To gain weight in a healthy manner, patience and persistence are both important. It is only with patience and persistence that you can change the way you look and take a step towards your ideal body image.

answered by G M

Perhaps you are underweight, but becoming fat is not the solution to your problem. Many people feel they are too thin and think they can eat anything they like, and in particular eat lots of fatty foods in order to put on weight. This is extremely harmful, and many of them are surprised when, years later, they find out that they have high cholesterol or a heart problem, without even having put on much weight. An excess of fat is harmful for anyone at all, not only for people who are already fat or who already have a medical condition.

The fact is that as long as you are healthy, you do not need to bother about being underweight. However, if you would still like to put on weight for any reason, there is a safe way to do so - by building muscle instead of fat. You can increase your intake of protein and even healthy fats, and also begin exercising daily. Exercising does not necessarily mean that you will burn off everything that you eat. Women's bodies are also naturally built differently from men's, so if you are a woman, you need not worry about looking muscular unless you take up heavy weights. When changing your diet be sure not to throw it entirely off balance - make sure that you do not lose out on any food group - protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Instead of two or three large meals, you should eat around 5 small meals through the day.

answered by M W

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