What is the remedy for a hangover headache?

Consuming excessive amounts of alchohol or other toxic material is the main cause of hangovers and the corresponding headache. The effects and severity can also vary depending on the type of alchohol. Such hangover headaches can also be caused by medical drugs.Dehydration being the main cause of hangovers, drinking lots of water before consuming alcohol helps a lot. Water is widely regarded as the best remedy to avoid a hangover and to get rid of one.

Lemon tea without sugar is another very effective remedy against hangovers. This drink acts as a detoxifier removing and flushing out unwanted toxins in the stomach. Fresh lemon juice made with cold water and just a little sugar is also quite effective, providing fast relief from a hangover. It regulates and stabilises the blood sugar levels after excessive consumption of alcohol.

Eating fruits or having a fruit salad is another very popular and effective method of dealing with hangovers. Apples and bananas are particularly effective. Eating an apple on an empty stomach will give quick relief. You can also make a mixture of banana, milk and honey. Mash one or two bananas and mix it with milk. Add a table spoon of honey to the mixture. This fruit shake is extremely effective for hangovers. It relaxes the stomach and nerves, while the honey replenishes sugar levels in the blood. Banana helps restore certain essential minerals like potassium that are lost because of high alcohol levels.

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