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Stomach Flu Home Treatment

Viral gastroenteritis is an extremely problem and is commonly known as stomach flu. It is the most common infection afflicting the stomach and intestines. rotavirus is one of the viruses responsible for the disorder and is the most often frequent cause. The virus is transmitted from infected food to humans, through contaminated utensils, food and water. These are extremely infectious viruses and outbreaks and epidemics are not uncommon, with a particularly high risk if hygienic practices are not followed in public facilities.

Being a viral infection, treatment with antibiotics is not very effective and could merely end up prolonging the diarrhea. Antibiotics also attack healthy cells, which is why some of them may even reduce the ability of the intestines to combat the virus, thus prolonging the condition. There are however medications easily available in any pharmacy to reduce and give relief from the effects of gas pains and stomach cramps. These drugs are however only useful in reducing the fluid loss that is associated with diarrhea, but they do not help maintain and replenish fluids.

A diet that is relatively bland, with clear liquids, rice, apples, bananas and toast would be advisable in the initial stages, along with adequate fluid replenishment as your system gets rapidly dehydrated.

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