Is a person with neuritis and cervical spondylosis prone to cancer?

Neuritis is a condition that arises when the peripheral nervous system is inflamed. A person suffering from neuritis may experience symptoms such as tingling and burning in the nerves. The person may also have to deal with the sensation of stabbing pain as well. In cases wherein neuritis has reached the advanced stage, the muscles adjacent to the affected nerves might go numb and lose sensation. They might also suffer a bout of paralysis. Therefore, your face might be paralyzed temporarily if a facial nerve has been invited to suffer from neuritis! In the case of an acute attack of neuritis, Your eyes might not shut even if you want them to. This is because the muscles on the affected side of the face lose their strength and tone and are very weak indeed. Pernicious anaemia that involves the nerves of the spine may also cause neuritis.

Cervical spondylosis is a condition that occurs when the bones that constitute your neck and backbone show signs of aging. These bones also decide to form growths called bone spurs. As a consequence, you might constantly complain of a painful neck, or pain in the shoulder, arm, or chest. You might also have difficulty in coordinating your limb movements and might have difficulty walking. This apart, you might also lose control on your bladders.

Both neuritis and cervical spondylosis can be remedied. There are a number of specialists who can guide you with specific types of treatments for these two conditions. That a patient suffering from either neuritis or cervical spondylosis may develop cancer is totally coincidental.

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