By placing a pad or some other material under your feet while sleeping, will that help eliminate coughing spells?

The body is a machine well designed by The Creator - whoever He or She is. It has different mechanisms to expel foreign matter and harmful infectious organisms. Coughing is one such mechanism. When you get the sensation to cough, air is forced out of the lungs. This helps to sweep away dirt and other such matter from the respiratory tract. The stronger and longer the cough, the higher are the chances of you being in the throes of a respiratory tract infection. Most of the times, such coughing spells are accompanied by watery eyes, and a nose that just cannot stop running. A mild fever might also 'hang around' with you.

Chronic coughing spells might also indicate tuberculosis or consumption. Besides this, injuries or infections in the regions of the throat might also produce phlegm mixed with blood during these coughing spells. In coughs that involve no phlegm, the treatment should start with the lubrication of the throat. a decoction of liquorice root should be given with sugar or honey to clear the phlegm. A paste made of equal parts of black raisins, dates, black pepper, embelia ribes or indica, long pepper, and honey should be used to get quick relief. If the spells still continue, rather than placing pads under your feet, you will be better off if you go consult a physician to determine the next course of action.

answered by G R

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