Golden raisins soaked in gin for illness

Golden raisins soaked in gin are an old remedy used to treat arthritis. It has been to be an effective remedy; however results vary from patient and are not consistent. The remedy has been known to cure the feeling of wanting to constantly move one's leg (an uncontrollable side effect of arthritis). However this is possible on after long term use of the remedy. Although little is known scientifically about the remedy, it has been used by many people since a long time in the hope that it will cure the arthritis. Although the exact origin of the remedy is not known, the remedy is very old and was popularized in the 1990's when a radio icon Paul Harvey made a mention of the remedy during a broadcast. Once popularized it slowly started to make its way into many media mediums and include the testimonials of many who were convinced of its effectiveness.

The recipe is easy and simple to prepare. You will need two obvious things – gin and raisins. When buying the gin, make sure to check the label in order to see if it contains any form of juniper berries. These berries are the main ingredient for the cure and it is absolutely necessary that the gin contains it. Take the raisins in a shallow container made of glass and pour a sufficient quantity of gin that is enough to cover the raisins. Cover the bowl with a porous cloth and allow the gin to evaporate completely which generally takes about a week. After it is ready eat nine raisins a day, every day. The remedy will take about six weeks to be effective.

answered by G M

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