I am 18, about a week before my period starts and a week after it finishes, I get symptoms like a UTI- sore when I pee, and urge to go to the toilet, but it's hardly any urine. It has been happening for sometime, Can u help?

From the symptoms you describe it seems that you have indeed been suffering from urinary tract infections. It seems slightly unusual though, that you experience these symptoms before and after your periods. If the problem stems from your period and hygiene during your period, then one would expect the symptoms to occur only during and after your period. However, you seem to be experiencing these symptoms even before your period begins. It would probably be best to discuss this with your doctor; it will take a good amount of questioning and investigation to identify the exact source of the problem and the reason behind the strange timing. A urine test might also be necessary in order to detect the presence of bacteria in your urine, which would be an indication of an infection.

In addition, try to take note of whether there are any other activities in your life that change about a week before your period begins and a week after it ends. Your periods may indirectly be causing the symptoms you are experiencing by affecting some other activities. In general, it is also good to drink at least eight glasses of water a day and maintain strict personal hygiene.

answered by M W

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