Suffering from symptoms of stomach cramping and nausea.

Stomach cramps are usually caused by some kind of stomach virus and are common symptoms of a tummy upset. If, however, you suffer from cramps of the stomach on a regular basis I would suggest consulting your doctor at the earliest.

Usually lying down with a hot water bottle does help reduce stomach cramps. You can also try sipping hot water through the day. Chewing some carom seeds is another remedy that you can try. Asafetida is also an effective remedy for stomach problems. You can take asafetida internally. Since it has a rather pungent odor you will need to disguise this with something else. You can wrap a pinch of asafetida in some molasses and swallow it with some water. Applying asafetida externally is also effective. A paste of asafetida powder and some water should be smeared on the stomach, especially around the navel region.

For nausea you can try drinking a glass of lemon juice with only salt mixed in it. A piece of dry toast, with nothing applied on it, can also help you feel better. You should stay away from all carbonated drinks, coffee, tea and food items that contain white flour, cheese, oil or butter, sugar. Nausea is usually a symptom of some illness and so you should consult a doctor about this, especially if it occurs frequently.

answered by G R

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