Increasing Sperm Count Remedies: I Want To Increase My Sperm. Please Help.

There are some simple home remedies you can follow for taking care of the problem of low sperm count. However, it is important for you to remember that you may not meet with complete success with only home remedies. You would also need to follow a physician's advice and take any medication that might be required. Increase your intake of bananas. A deficiency of zinc is considered a very strong reason for low sperm count. Bananas are extremely rich in zinc and can help with this problem. If you are excessively overweight, this could be a part of the problem and must be taken care of. Your diet needs to be rich in vitamins and minerals, rather than fats and carbohydrates for the sperm count to rise.

Eat more of raw fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and reduce eating flour-based, processed and sweet foods. Nuts are rich in nutrients that would increase sperm count. Celery and avocados are also excellent to add to sperm count. Seafood, particularly oysters are natural aphrodisiacs which also increase sperm count. It is necessary to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes, since alcohol and nicotine are both considered to be responsible for bringing down sperm count. Yoga is an excellent way of maintaining good overall health. If you can spend about 30 minutes doing yoga everyday, it will help you considerably.

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