My husband suffers from premature ejaculation, I am an understanding wife, but it is causing a BIG problem in our marriage! Is there a natural cure?

I suffered premature ejaculation when I was about 20 year old and it was related to my own insecurity. I didn't feel secure of myself and became to worry about it and this end up not only in premature ejaculation but in impotence. Because the problem really is not premature ejaculation but the impotence that come after that. If a man is able to ejaculate and keep on with an erection there is no problem at all. This is not only in my case but I know men that can ejaculate and do not lose their erection and their partners do not complaint about premature ejaculation. Another factor that affected me was that I had different sexual partners and some of those ladies were very open and demanding, so this is not a good situation for a man. My premature ejaculation and impotence finished after a while because all was in my mind. When I felt that I was able to produce pleasure in a woman then I was healed. One way to help your husband is not pushing him to give you pleasure, I would suggest even fake a quick orgasm before he ejaculate; the idea is to make him feel he is able to make you cum. Try this and do not tell him that he is not doing a good job, even if after that you go and use your vibrator to finish yourself.

Being only with one sexual partner is one of the best way to be healed from premature ejaculation.

The people from china are very wise. They said that if a man likes to much certain woman he will be more inclined to have premature ejaculations. This makes sense, even though I prefer to be with a woman that I like very much and find another solution to my problem.

I like your attitude of helping your husband, I really would appreciate a woman like you.

answered by J

Natural Treatment

To take care of the problem of premature ejaculation, it is important that you first work towards figuring out the reason it is occurring in the first place. In order to do this, you would need your husband to get a medical examination. If you can do this, half your problem will be solved. However, it is quite possible that he is reluctant to go that way. So you need to be prepared for that as well. The first thing to ensure is that your sex life is regular. Irregular sex, or prolonged periods without sex can cause premature ejaculation quite easily among men over the age of 30 (considering that you fall in this bracket).

One of the commonest reasons for this problem is excessive stress. If your husband is under any kind of extra stress, you will need to take care of that first. Counseling would be a good way to get this problem out of the equation. Try to convince him that it is important to figure out why this is occurring so that it can be taken care of. Otherwise, he will need to follow a simple routine of daily exercise and proper sleep and rest to make sure that this problem is nipped in the bud. That is the best possible home remedy that can be offered.

answered by M W

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