Remedy To Treat Lip Color: My Bottom Lip Is Pink And Discolored For 10 Years Of Smoking Mary Jane. I Would Like To Regain Color

The best way to regain the natural color of your lips is to stop smoking at once. This will immediately stop further darkening of your lips. Once you have accomplished this, you can start the process of reversing the discoloration that has occurred over the years. You need to remember that you will have work on this slowly and steadily for at least a year, possibly even more, in order to reverse the process that has taken 10 years to happen. Be patient. If you keep at it, the remedies will all show positive results.

You can begin with make a mixture of crushed red rose petals and milk cream and applying this to your lips every night before bedtime. This will enable your lips to become softer and fuller and also help to regain their colour. If you can get your hands on the fresh fruit, the juice of pomegranates is also an excellent natural colorant for the lips. The colour of pomegranates matches the natural colour of your lips most closely. Besides, this fruit has the ability to adjust its own colouring according to the colouring of your skin and adapt accordingly. In order to lighten your lips, you can also apply lime juice to them. Though this is not a practice you should adopt daily, as it will result in eventually darkening your lips.

answered by M W

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