I have black or call it burnt lips due to smoking ciggaretts for number of years. how can i regain my natural lip colour.

Lip color remedy-

  1. As you know the cause that is smoking. Please stop smoking completely.
  2. Make a lemon and honey solution and apply to the lips every night. Leave it for 4-6 hours.
  3. Wash with normal tap water. Application of Margosa leaves and basil leaves by rubbing the tender leaves on the lips for 5 minutes daily.
  4. Take a homeopathic remedy called Tabacum 30 5 pills, once at bedtime daily for 15 days.
  5. Keep the lips moist by applying clarified cow's milk butter every day.
  6. Avoid very hot and chilled food as much as possible for a month.

answered by D M K

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