Health Advices on Kidney Failure with Diabetes

Advice on Kidney Failure

There are many types of rashes, and as many causes, including allergies, autoimmune disorders, and a variety of fungal, viral, and bacterial infections. Rashes are difficult to diagnose without a personal examination, and you have not described the rash at all, so it is not possible to tell which of these could be the cause.

A skin rash is unlikely to be caused by kidney failure, but whatever the cause is, it is a good idea to get the rash examined by the doctor. This is particularly important because the patient is already suffering from two rather dangerous diseases - diabetes and a kidney disorder. You haven't specified exactly what the problem with the patient's kidneys is or what type of diabetes he or she has, but in any case, these conditions are quite serious. Hopefully the patient is already being treated for both these problems; you should visit the same doctor to get the rash treated, as this doctor will be aware of the state of the patient’s current health as well as their medical history.

Trying to treat the rash on your own could result in a misdiagnosis or use of some treatment that, although it helps the rash, is harmful for the other two conditions.

answered by M W

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