Cure for swollen feet after long driving

Standing on your feet all day or walking around for hours can certainly lead to swollen feet. The feet get swollen because of an increase in the amount of fluid. However, if you suffer from other symptoms along with swollen feet, then you should visit your doctor.

Feet can swell if your diet contains too much salt, or if you are on some types of medication or if you have suffered some kind of an injury to the muscles of your legs. When your feet swell use a small stool to raise your them.

Taking regular exercise will increase circulation. You have mentioned that your feet swell up after driving long distances. You should take short breaks between driving. Use these breaks to walk around.

Reducing your intake of salt will help too. Cut down on food that has a high content of water. Include food that is rich in protein and fat in your diet. Massaging some warm mustard oil on your feet will certainly give you relief. You can also soak two pinches of mustard seeds in a spoon full of water and apply this to your feet.

Try to avoid standing for too long or walking too much without a break. If you are overweight then try and reduce your weight so that you do not put too much stress on your feet.

answered by G M

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