what can i take to stop me from wanting to eat all the time?

Natural Cures for Eating Disorder

There are people who suffer from eating disorder such as anorexia and bingeing eating. Psychotherapy and behavioral techniques can help in treating this kind of disorder. If you cannot stop yourself from eating too much, you can try some of the following natural cures:
  • Before eating anything first ask yourself if you are actually feeling hungry. If you are then sate your hunger and eat something healthy whereas if you are not hungry, avoid eating anything.
  • Eat mindfully and avoid eating when you are reading your favorite book or watching your favorite television. In such cases you tend to eat more because you are so much involved with the activities that you don't even think what and how much you are eating.
  • Create a healthy environment around you. Don't bring too much of junk or processed foods in your homes. Clean out your pantry and refrigerator.
  • If you feel like bingeing in a car, then change your route and take a route that is not confronted with a chain of food stalls or restaurants that may tempt you.
  • Whenever you feel like bingeing, tie an elastic band round your wrist and snap it hard. This will prevent you from eating.

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