Home remedies for small white spots on face and body of toddlers

If your baby is having white spots on his or her face and body, then you first need to understand the reason or cause of these spots. There are many causes associated with occurrence of white spots on face and body.

Primary cause of white spots is lack of calcium or lower level of calcium in the body. In order to get rid of this, you have to feed your baby with calcium rich foods. It won't be difficult to feed your one year old baby with calcium enriched foods such as milk, dairy products, cheese, grains, yogurt, cornmeal, wheat flour and cereals. You can even take prescribed calcium doses to meet the calcium requirement of your baby's body.

Other reasons for white spots are dry skin, fungal infection, excessive sweating and stress. These spots disappear after a certain period of time. Your baby can't have the problem of stress as there is nothing in his or her life that can be stressful. You can try some remedies for dry skin such as herbal massage, aromatherapy and nutritious food.

If anyone in your family is suffering from leucoderma, then the white spots can also be because of this health condition. It is better to advise a good child specialist for medical help.

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