Hello I am Prasad 28 I have white hair on chin. I'm so shy in some occasions. Please tell me how to prevent the white hair?

Genetics plays a very important role in premature graying of hair and hence the possibilities of treating grey hair successfully are not very bright. Since the early onset of grey hair among youth and children can run in families, it is important to understand the basics of hair structure. Researchers and medical scientists have yet to devise a satisfactory solution for reversing grey hair. At best, grey hair can be covered with the help of dyes and color treatment, but it is impossible to achieve complete reversal or rejuvenate the pigment producing cells in the hair follicles. There are numerous cosmetics and pharmaceutical products available in the market that helps in changing the color of existing hair with the help of progressive hair colorants. Most men prefer the alternative of progressive hair colorants as it helps the hair to look more natural rather than the effect brought out with chemical dyes.

If genetics is not a major factor in the graying of hair, one should check for signs of imbalances in the nutrition as well as underlying medical factors. Some medical conditions that are likely to lead to the early graying of hair include: thyroid imbalances, daily stress and tension, poor diet, deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals, excessive smoking etc. All these factors account for the graying of hair other than genetics.

A common cause of premature grey hair in youth and children is due to the deficiency of vitamin B12. You can consult with your dermatologist who will recommend a simple blood test to diagnose vitamin deficiencies in the body and prescribe adequate medication for the same. Some thyroid imbalances especially hyperthyroidism reduces the activity of melanocytes, thus causing premature graying of hair. Certain skin disorders can also be responsible for the loss of hair pigmentation. If you suspect any of these factors contributing to premature graying, it is advisable to consult with your doctor on specific treatments for the condition.

You could try covering the grey hair with the help of hair dyes depending upon the durability and the preference of the product. The different types of hair products used to cover grey hair include temporary hair color, semi-permanent hair color, permanent hair color, etc. There are numerous synthetic pigments such as lead acetate as well as metallic salts and organic compounds that are used in hair dyes. It will be useful if you can obtain information about the allergies that may be brought about, with the use of any of these products, before you try them.

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White Hair Natural Remedies

The first sign of graying in youth is a glaring indication of a lack of vital nutrients that are building blocks for the healthy maintenance of hair. Apart from genetics, harsh environmental factors, or severe stress that has been around for a long duration, the lack of vitamin B complex is one of major reasons for the premature graying of hair amongst younger people. Take a handful of dried gooseberries. Grind these with fresh lemon juice and massage well into the hair and roots. Leave it on for an hour and wash it off with a mild shampoo. This is a well known folk remedy for preventing further graying of hair as it provides nourishment to the hair roots. You can also prepare oil made from Indian gooseberries as an effective hair tonic. To prepare the oil, take fresh coconut oil, preferably cold pressed organic coconut oil and place it on low heat. Add to this a few pieces of dried Indian gooseberries and let the mixture boil. Cool it and use it as a hair application.

The juice extracted from fresh coconuts or also known as coconut milk is an excellent form of hair nourishment. Coconut milk must be massaged well into the hair and the roots and left to stand for at least a couple of hours. Wash the hair with shampoo and water. If practiced daily for a period of three months will yield fruitful results.

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