Home remedies for sore tongue

Take a good helping of fresh yoghurt. And make it part of your daily diet. It will not only help cure the burning sensation on your tongue it will heal the ulcers if any in the mouth or on the tongue and also prevent from further such occurrences. Introduce vitamin C to your daily intake in the form of broccoli, muskmelons, yellow and red bell peppers and loads of fresh unsweetened cranberry juice. Strawberries and oranges are also traditional forms of vitamin C that can be safely consumed.

Try placing a wet tea bag on the spot of the tongue where you feel the scorched and burning sensation. The tea bag will help absorb the pain and is an effective home remedy. Since tea has a component known as tannin, which is an astringent drug that offers potent pain-relieving characteristics, it helps cool off the tongue. Moreover if you are into herbal teas consume tea made from chamomile tea that is also known to be a coolant for tongue irritations. If nothing else provides relief, the good old method of placing ice on the tongue will work wonders. Suck on an ice cube or place it on the tongue to get immediate effect.


answered by K C

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