Treatment and reason for vaginal infection and enlarged lymph node in armpit

Please rush to a doctor as soon as possible. The symptoms do not point out to AIDS or the positivity of the HIV virus, since the infection seems to have come off an infected toilet seat. The HIV virus does not survive outside body fluids and it is next to impossible to suggest that the AIDS virus has been transmitted via contaminated toilet seats. HIV spreads through blood transfusion, or through sexual transmission.

However the case certainly sounds like an advanced state of vaginal infection that has gone beyond control. Vaginal infection due to contamination needs immediate attention and in a case of enlarged lymph nodes it states that the body's defense mechanism in itself is under disarray. Lymph nodes are the very fluids that your body rests on. They contain vital cells needed to protect your body from all possible harm that come in the form of cancer cells or infectious bacteria. An indication of swollen lymph nodes only goes to show that the very defense system is under severe attack and needs external help to treat the case. It is a sincere request not to delay the case any further but to seek medical help at the earliest.

answered by K C

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