Natural Remedies For Hair Split Ends: What can I do at home to mend a little of hair split ends and to highly increase the hair growth longer?

Split ends are caused by the splitting of the cuticle of the hair, which serves to protect your hair from daily wear and tear. The cuticle splits at the bottom due to lack of moisture and natural oils, which is mostly the result of a dry scalp. Some of the causes of split ends are use of harsh chemicals as shampoos and dyes, excessive blow drying, stress, use of chlorinated water, and lack of nutrition, among others.

Some of the home remedies for split ends in hair are as follows:

  • You must first get your hair trimmed to remove the split ends, and only then use some home remedies to prevent further hair damage.
  • A good hair mask for split ends involves mixing avocado in olive oil. Apply the mask on your scalp for 30 minutes. This will enhance the texture of your hair and prevent split ends.
  • Application of a blend of mustard oil, olive oil and castor oil also serves to replenish the oil content of the scalp and strands, thereby preventing drying of hair and split ends.
  • Application of egg yolk mixed in olive oil also helps repair damaged hair by nourishing the scalp and hair strands.
  • You can also apply curd and mashed banana to moisturize the scalp, thereby preventing split ends.

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How to repair damaged hair and split ends?

Hair damage and split ends are a common problem among the urban population; the primary reasons being ageing, stress, lack of proper nutrition and excessive use of chemicals such as those found in dyes and shampoos. Besides these, excessive blow drying and use of chlorinated water can also result in split ends. Either one or all of these factors put together can cause damage to hair. There will therefore be a need for repairing damaged hair.

Some of the ways to repair damaged hair and split ends are listed as under:

  • Regularly trim your hair every two to three months to remove the split ends. Trimming is the only way to get rid of slit ends. You can use home remedies to prevent further splitting of hair.
  • An effective remedy for repairing damaged hair is to replenish the oil and moisture content of the scalp and strands. You can apply a mixture of olive, mustard and castor oils to enhance hair texture and prevent split ends.
  • You can also apply a hair mask prepared by mixing avocado in olive oil. This will help strengthen your hair and prevent the protective hair cuticle from splitting. Application of egg yolk mixed with almond oil also helps prevent split ends.

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Home remedies for damaged hair and split ends?

Damaged hair and split ends are caused by a variety of factors including lack of moisture and nutrition, blow drying, use of harsh chemicals found in as dyes and shampoos, and ageing. Hair damage is attributed to loss of natural hair oils, leading to the splitting of the protective cuticle at the ends of strands. Some of the damaged hair home remedies that you can try are as follows:

  • First of all, you must trim your hair to get rid of split ends. Once your hair has already split, you cannot repair it. Home remedies can only help to prevent split ends, not treat them. Hence, the first step, before you use any of the various remedies to prevent further splitting of the cuticle on strands, is to remove the split ends that already exist.
  • When it comes to split ends and damaged hair, moisturizing your hair to replenish the lost oils is the primary objective. For this, you can massage your scalp with a blend of oils, such as olive, mustard, and castor. You can also use olive oil mixed with avocado as a hair mask to enhance the texture of your hair.
  • Another home remedy for split ends is to apply egg yolk mixed with almond oil. This is really effective for dry hair.
  • Another good hair mask for damages hair is curd mixed with mashed bananas.

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How does olive oil helps to get rid of split ends?

Scientifically referred to as trichoptlosis, split ends is a result of damage to the protective cuticle on the ends of the hair. This, in turn, is caused by dry scalp, which leads to the loss of natural hair oils at the end of the hair strands.  The causes of dry hair could be many and range from weather conditions to internal hormonal changes within the body, to the use of harsh chemicals on the hair. There are many homemade remedies for split ends and olive oil is known to be one of the best remedies to prevent split ends.

For ages people have used olive oil for damaged hair and over the years this home remedy has become even more popular amongst people. One of the main features of olive oil when used on the hair is that it replenishes the oil content on the dry scalp. This is an urgent need of the scalp in order to prevent split ends. You could also mix the olive oil along with egg yolk as also with any other oil like mustard or castor oil so as to make it even more effective. You should know that olive oil does not actually repair split ends but rather helps in the prevention of split ends. Since this is a natural way of preventing split ends it is also one of the safest split ends home remedies.

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