My husband's breath has been smelling like moth balls for about a month? Does that mean he has an infection of some sort? How does he get rid of the smell?

Cures for mouth infection

Mouth infections are fairly common occurrences and there is no need to worry. If your husband had not been cleaning his teeth regularly, it is quite possible that he has got some kind of a mouth infection. Some particles of food often get stuck in the gap between out teeth and when these rot they cause an infection, resulting in a bad smell. However, if your husband notices any bleeding in the gums or any pain in his teeth, then he should visit the doctor since this could a problem related to his teeth. Any swelling on his face would also indicate a problem related to his teeth.

Another possible reason for mouth odor is often related to some problem with the stomach. If your husband is suffering from constipation or sluggish bowel movements, then this could result in a bad odor in his mouth.

Ensure that your husband eats a healthy diet of high fiber food. Give him plenty of fruits and fruit juices. Ensure that he drinks a cup of warm milk at bedtime.

In addition to this ensure that he brushes his teeth regularly. He can use some common salt to massage his gums. Gargling with salt water will help kill any infection in his mouth. He can also chew parsley.

answered by G M

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