2 days ago I have an ear infection that is bacterial. Since then I don't hear anything with that ear. I got medication for 5 days. This is the second day, but I didn't experience any change

The human ear is a made up of several different parts that serve different functions. The outer part of the ear is what we see and is made up of cartilage. It serves no function other than directing sound waves into the ear canal so that we can hear things better. The ear canal goes from the ear lobe to the membrane inside the ear. This membrane is the one that reacts to sound and forms a seal to block the passage. Behind this is a canal that joins the throat which helps with pressure regulation for the ear. The ear canal between the outer ear lobe and the membrane contains some small hair and is coated with a sticky wax. This is a feature of the ear designed to trap dust and dirt molecules as well as to trap infections and prevent them from affecting the vital parts of the ear. Even so, it is possible for the ear to develop an infection which may be viral or bacterial in nature. When one suffers from a cold, the canal between the throat and the ear may become blocked with mucus and this could cause discomfort to the ear. This is not considered to be a type of ear infection. However, this blockage may trap some germs in the canal which can also cause an infection to develop.

An infection could result from a collection of pus in the ear. Ear infections are usually untreated at the early stage because there are no outward symptoms and thus no need to diagnose the problem. When the infection spreads and begins to cause fluid to build up in the form of pus, one may begin to notice symptoms of a problem. Severe pain may occur in the ear and you may even have balance issues because the body's sense of balance is controlled by the inner ear. An ear infection which causes pus may lead to a loss of hearing or a perceived loss of hearing. If the canal becomes blocked with ear wax or pus, this may dampen sounds and prevent them from stimulating the membrane.

In your case, it is suggested to wait for the period of medication to be complete before you judge its effects. The infection has to subside and the fluid built up has to drain out before your hearing will be fully restored. In the mean time you can apply a warm compress to the area behind the ear to relieve you of the pain you might be suffering from. Avoid a hot compress.

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