Suggest some natural cures for breast cancer

There is no natural cure or remedy that can battle breast cancer all by itself. There are, however, several ways in which contracting the disease can be avoided, as well as relief measures for symptoms and indications of the same. Popular vote has it that the one solid way to fight against breast cancer is to make milk a part of your regular diet. It is believed that the more milk you consume, the more chances your body has of fighting against breast cancer. Hydrogenated oil is also to be avoided at all costs.

More so if you have the disease, since it will only spread malignity rather than be of any use in a cure. It is said that the use of anti-perspirant is one of the leading causes of breast cancer, though this statement has yet to find any scientific backing. The theory is that if a product stops you from perspiring, it blocks your pores and lets germs fester inside your body, which has the possibility of causing the growth of a malignant tumor. Yet another scientifically unproven theory claims that consumption of red meat is directly related to all kinds of cancer in human beings. However, all of these theories are respected to some extent in the world of alternative medicine, and certainly, following them does not cause any ostensible harm. If you already have breast cancer you should not delay medical treatment, as this can be fatal.

answered by G M

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