is it true having asthma can cause infertility

Even though asthma has not known to have caused infertility, medications given to treat the disorder usually contain steroids and this affects fertility to a great level. Over a period of time if the person suffering from asthma has to undergo medication involving steroids or corticosteroids then it is possible that the fertility of the individual maybe developmentally challenged. Drugs including anabolic steroids, certain antidepressants and some anti-hypertensive medications used to treat asthma are also harmful to the physical condition in the long run. This coupled with smoking, drinking excessive alcohol and other unhealthy lifestyle factors may all contribute to the breakdown of the individual's fertility.

Infertility, however, does not have an exclusive reason as its cause, as all productive pregnancies are due to various steps in the chain of events. For a successful pregnancy to shape up a number of conditions need to be in place, similarly infertility too cannot be attributed to just one particular reason.

The problem of infertility rests with either the man or the woman and there are a number of factors both known and unknown and a combination of these factors that may affect fertility. Recent research also shows—that although rare in occurrence—genetic conditions and other health issues being the main cause of infertility.

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