Are there any home remedies for infertility?

Infertility natural treatment

The lack of ability to carry the pregnancy till the end of the term is referred to as infertility. Exercise, healthy diet and an optimistic approach helps in conceiving. Obesity, psychological issues, lack of exercise and improper eating habits contribute to infertility. Accumulation of toxic metabolites in the digestive tract, tissues and organs also result in infertility. Take the guidance of a fertility specialist before opting for any natural treatments. Panax ginseng is an effective herbal remedy in providing relief from infertility. Vitamins and minerals supplements are also recommended. Energy balance is acquired by acupuncture. It is a cost effective and painless procedure. Folic acid helps in improving fertility. Sperm count in men is increased by supplementation of the antioxidant selenium. In vitro fertilization is enhanced by increasing the intake of vitamin E. Commercially available over-the-counter infertility drugs are recommended under a physician's guidance. Zinc supplementation raises the sperm count and motility in men, whereas the functioning of the female hormones (estrogen and progesterone) are enhanced. Iron deficiency in women results in infertility. Prenatal vitamins are advised, during the process of conception.

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