Information on arnica montana for sprained ankle and torn ligaments

Advice for sprained ankle

People who are very physically active have at some point needed to deal with a sprained ankle. Using the correct home remedy for such an injury will help lessen the pain and get active quickly. Arnica Montana is used in homeopathic medicine as a painkiller and is completely safe to use. You can purchase an ointment consisting of arnica to apply on your injury. However, you must remember that homeopathic cures are not about topical treatment. You will need to take Arnica 30 pills to help the healing process. It is suggested that you take Arnica Montana 30 every 4 hours for at least two days for the pain and swelling. Ensure that you wear a bandage for a week even after the swelling is has subsided to keep the ankle steady.  

There are a number of other remedies and precautions that you can take to relieve the pain. The first and most important thing to do is to stay off the ankle as much as possible. You must take rest for at least 24 hours after the injury. You can also apply a cold compress of ice wrapped in a plastic bag or in a towel. Applying ice will reduce the swelling and the strain on your injured muscles. Keep your ankle elevated and use a crutch for support if you need to walk.

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