What is a home remedy for snoring

Read on the following home remedies for snoring:

  • Overweight and serene lifestyle can trigger snoring. Excessive fat around the chest and neck can exert pressure on the muscles that control the breathing. So, if you are overweight shed down your weight and involve yourself in physical activity.
  • Stretching, walking and jogging are the best exercises for eliminating snoring. This will help in toning your muscles, resulting in prevention of respiratory tract congestion.
  • Avoid use of sedatives and alcohol as these can worsen the condition. Sedatives aid in depressing the central nervous system and relaxing the muscles.
  • Quit smoking as smoking can result in increased congestion in the throat and nose, resulting in inflammation of the upper air passage.
  • Change your sleeping posture. Don’t sleep on your back because this narrows the air passage.
  • Sleeping on your stomach will help in reducing the exerted pressure on the airway passage.
  • Sleep with your torso raised.
  • Use a firm mattress to keep your head straight while sleeping.
  • Half a cup of milk before going to bed is very beneficial for eliminating snoring.
  • Eating yogurt daily helps with the snoring.
  • Eating one slice of bread before going to bed also helps.
  • Avoid drinking coffee or alcohol before going off to bed.
  • Eucalyptus tea is an excellent remedy for snoring.

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Home remedies for snoring

  • If you are overweight then try losing some pounds as this will enable the reduction of fatty tissues from the airway. Eat lightly and frequently and exercise regularly for weight maintenance.
  • Stop smoking and avoid passive smoking to control the noise and intensity of snoring.
  • Sleeping on your back makes the soft tissues at the back of your throat to slide further back and block the airways. Try sleeping on your sides and make it your habit.
  • Use pillows designed specially for snorers which you can get at selected store or online. Or do completely without them as sleeping on the pillows block your airway by bending the neck.
  • Elevate the head of your bed by 4 to 5 inches as this will push your tongue and jaw onward and ease your breathing pattern. You can use towels or bed sheets for this purpose by folding or rolling them and placing them under the head of your bed.
  • Avoid taking sedatives like sleeping pills, tranquilizers or even alcohol before sleeping as these will relax the muscles in the airway and aggravate snoring.
  • Decongest your nasal passages before sleeping by using nasal sprays but avoid antihistamines as they will relax the throat muscles and increase snoring.

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