My ears stopped producing wax are dried out scaley and ITCHING madly all the way INSIDE both ears. What is a possible home remedy and/or natural (herbal etc) remedy?

Read on the following herbal remedies to get rid of itching and pain in your ears:

  • Take two onions and fry them until they turn brown. Cool them and strain through a fabric. Pour a drop of strained onion in each ear to ease ear pain. Dip a cotton ball in vodka and put it outside your ear.
  • You can also try placing a cotton ball soaked in heated olive oil in your ear.  Mix heated olive oil and grated onion. Drain and pour 2 drops of the mixture in each ear to relieve pain.
  • You can also try a mixture of olive oil and lavender oil. Warm these two oils in a pan, cool the mixture, soak a cotton bud and place it on the outer side of the ear. Don’t pour this mixture.
  • Drip warm almond oil in your ear.
  • Soak a cotton bud in garlic and stick that bud in your ear.
  • Blanch Ruta Graveolens, cool and pour it in each ear.
  • Take Bael Fruit and dip the root in Margosa oil. Burn the root and take the oil that drips from the burning end of the root. This oil is of medicinal value for ear problems.
  • Herbs like cloves, ginger, holy basil, bitter chamomiles are also beneficial for easing ear ache.

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