Please suggest me some home remedy for loud snoring

Home Remedies for Snoring

Read on the following home remedies for snoring.
  • Avoid the drowsiness drugs. It is a fallacy that sedatives turns up the volume of snoring, rather all the sedatives and tranquilizers tend to cause allergies.
  • Sleep on your stomach. This is help to reduce the volume as well as incidence of snoring. When a person sleeps on his back, he does not receive a clear airway because the tongue falls back into your throat. This unclear passage for air results in snoring.
  • If you still can’t avoid sleeping on your back, you can try sleeping with tennis balls in the back pocket of your night dress. This will help you to roll on towards your stomach when you will fell uncomfortable while sleeping on your back.
  • Even lack of sleep causes snoring. So, take a good amount of sleep of almost 6-7 hours daily.
  • Select a flat and firm mattress to sleep as this helps to keep your neck straight and paves way for air.
  • At times, pillows can also cause obstruction in your airways. Choose a pillow that can elevate your torso along with your neck. If you sleep on a pillow that only keeps your neck higher, then it wall hinder the path of air.
  • You can also change your sleep angle by placing more pillows.
  • Body position is also important in reducing that volume and incidence of snoring. If you slightly elevate your body with your torso at an angle, you can reduce the volume of snoring.

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