What is the first aid for gunshot wounds?

A gunshot wound needs an urgent emergency care.  It is advisable you consult with a health practitioner. However if your wound is minor and can be treated at home, your will find the following tips useful

  • Wash immediately: The first and foremost thing to do is wash the wound thoroughly with medicated soap and water, that is, even if the wound is bleeding. You primary concern should be to reduce the risk of infection. Dilute the wounded area with water, to clear the bacteria in the debris. Scrubbing with a clean washcloth is effective. The most thing is not to control the blood but to wash away the bacteria.
  • Use warmth to heal: If you see some redness around the wounded area, a warm-water soak can help in increasing the blood flow. The enhanced blood flow will help in ushering the white blood cells to the fore. White blood cells serve to kill bacteria. Soak the punctured area in hot water for 10 - 15 minutes about four times a day.
  • Leave it uncovered: Keep the wound uncovered if it is possible to do so. It's better to let the wound dry in the air, so that can get a 'crust.'  A crust plays the role of a natural bandage. However if there are chances that the wounded area will get rubbed, then it is advisable to bandage.

Home remedies for a wound:

  • Use Aloe Vera pulp by splitting the leaf open. Apply the pulp over the wound after you have cleaned it. Apply this application on the wound twice daily or until the wound heals.
  • The use of turmeric as an external application is very effective. Apply the turmeric paste or turmeric powder over the affected area. Turmeric has antibacterial  properties that serves to fight bacterial infection.
  • Calendula has antiseptic and healing properties and is useful to heal open wounds.

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