my height is 5-1 and age is 24 years plz give me some remedy to increase hieght

Advice for Increasing Height

Usually, at your age, it's difficult to increase height because of the some of the biological changes that occur in your body. Yet, you can always try physical exercises, stretching, yoga, food sources and choice of clothing.

Following are some of the health advices for increasing height:
  1. Firstly, you need to eat a well balanced and nutritious diet. It is your diet that will provide you energy and regulate the biological function responsible for increasing height.
  2. Choose some good open space and do stretching exercises. Stand in attention. Take a deep breath and stretch your arms over your shoulders. Hold the position for few seconds and then slowly bring down your arms as you exhale.
  3. Stand with your arms placed at an angle of 90 degree to your body. Inhale and vertically lift your arms up to your shoulder. Stretch your arms and start lifting your heels. Slowly exhale and return back to the original position with your arms straight and heels touching the ground.
  4. Stretch your arms forward up to your shoulders. Inhale and hold your breath for few seconds. Then rotate your arms in a circular motion stretching backward and then frontward. Slowly exhale and release the position.
  5. Apart from exercises, you can also add special clothing styles to help you look taller. Wear clothes with vertical stripes as any kind of vertical designs or stripes help you look taller.

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