How to get rid of fat lips

The first thing you ought to know about before seeking how to cure a fat lip is to know the cause of the fat lip. Swelling in the lip may be due to a lot of different reasons. A fat lip in itself can be rather vague and not permanently treatable unless the swollen lip causes are known. For proper fat lip treatment, first the swollen lip causes and the symptoms associated with the fat lip need to be ascertained. A fat lip simply means that your lip is swollen. Any swollen part of the body can be treated with a hot or cold compress. However, if you have chronic swelling in your lip, simply placing a hot or cold compress around the lip may not be enough. If you want to treat the problem in the proper manner, first get yourself checked and then get a remedy for a fat lip accordingly. In most cases, fat lip is caused by a trauma on the face. If someone punches you or you get into an accident, the immediate result could be a fat lip. In such a case, fat lip cure would not be very difficult. However, if you have not injured your face and your lip in an accident, there may be some other cause of the swelling. One of the primary swollen lips causes is inflammatory conditions. If you have an inflammatory condition, there are good chances that this condition will cause swelling in other areas of your body as well, especially your internal organs. Such a condition can be as difficult to treat as it is unfortunate. Make sure that you get a qualified medical practitioner to examine your lip and run some tests.

Apart from these two fat lip causes, there are not many others. Injuries and allergic reactions are the two most common fat lip causes, which are followed by inflammatory diseases that may have caused the swelling in your lip. In a rare case, an insect bite may have caused the swelling in your lips. Most home remedies for a fat lip are not very elaborate. However, here are a few common ones that can be used. If the fat lip has been caused by an injury, you do not have to worry about how to get rid of a fat lip. Injuries are the easiest to treat when it comes to treating a fat lip. Such injuries often feel and look worse than they actually are. The fat lip may have turned purple or may have an excessively bruised appearance. It may also have swollen to a point where it becomes painful for you to converse or eat something. A cold compress would take care of the swelling right away. Pack a few small blocks of ice into a plastic bag or a towel wrap, and hold this pack against your swollen lip. Try not to use the ice without a pack as it can cause a lot of pain and irritation to the skin, especially if the skin is broken. Repeat this four or five times a day. If you have excessive bruising and if the lip is turning black, blue, or purple, you may have some blood clotting inside. A warm compress would help restore the blood flow once again. However, if you have a break in the skin of your lips, avoid giving yourself a warm compress as it may cause blood to ooze out of the cut. Minor cuts on the skin of the lips or around them, can usually heal on their own. If you are wondering how to get rid of a fat lip fast, know that if you have a cut on your lip, your wound will take some time to heal. Just ensure that the area where the skin has broken off is clean and that you do not eat any spicy foods that may irritate the skin on the lips.

No immediate treatment may be necessary if at all the swelling is the cause of an allergic reaction. It is, however, important to know what caused the allergy as repeated allergies  can be dangerous to your health. Allergies, when severe can also be fatal, and therefore, these should not be taken lightly. A doctor would be able to tell you what medication your allergies may require. Before that, however, it is important to find out what is causing the allergic reaction. Food allergies are usually the most common when it comes to swollen lips. You may have to keep a diet diary in order for the doctor to find out what potential allergies you may have. After an allergist determines what allergies you have, you could choose from treatment options that would help treat your allergies for good. If you have trouble breathing along with your fat lip, it can be a sign of inflammation in your respiratory tract. Visit a doctor immediately. Over the counter antihistamines are usually the best if your fat lip has been the result of an insect bite. The ice pack can work well for such kind of problems as well. How to get rid of a fat lip overnight? It is very difficult to get rid of your fat lip within a matter of hours. If you are consuming pain killers, the healing will take more time because these medications tend to slow down the effect of the natural healing by reducing the flow of blood to the specific area. If you are wondering how to get rid of swollen lips fast, the easiest way to do this is to have natural painkillers like citrus fruits. Both papaya and pineapple are great for fighting pain naturally. Applying a small amount of witch hazel can also help you heal the area faster. For the treatment of a fat lip, you could also rub lukewarm castor oil on the lips to ensure that your lips remain healthy, smooth, and moisturized. You can also place a tea bag dipped in cold water over your swollen lip. This helps to soothe your lips and bring relief to the area. There is no guaranteed treatment however, when seeking how to get rid of a fat lip overnight.

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You have not mentioned how you got a fat lip. A “fat lip” is actually a rather vague description - it simply means that your lip is swollen. To treat the problem properly, you need to consider what has caused the swelling, which in itself is only a symptom. Usually, the term “fat lip” is used to describe a swelling that occurs as a result of trauma to the lip. This could be from a punch to the face or a simple fall that was unfortunate enough to injure the lip. However, other factors can also cause a similar swelling - allergic reactions are one rather common cause. In some cases, an insect bite can also cause your lip to swell.

If the swelling was caused by physical trauma, you probably don't need to worry about it too much. Such injuries tend to look (and often feel) much worse than they really are. At the most, what you need is a cold compress - four or five times a day, simply pack some ice into a plastic bag or wrap it in a hand towel, and gently hold the pack against your lips. The ice will reduce the swelling and help numb the pain too. If the skin is broken, you may need to visit a doctor, but even in this case, a minor wound will usually heal on its own. Just ensure that the area is clean, and avoid eating spicy food for a few days.

If the swelling is the result of an allergic reaction, no immediate treatment may be necessary, but you will need to find out what caused the reaction. Sometimes, this can be very difficult - maintaining a diet diary, with records of everything you eat all through the day as well every single allergic reaction you suffer, may help. However, if this leads nowhere, you should consult an allergist and get yourself tested. Once you know what you are allergic to, simply avoid it; if this is impossible, you can ask the allergist about treatment options. Also remember that the fat lip itself is only a minor symptom of an allergy - other, more dangerous symptoms may also appear, and if you have any trouble breathing, you should immediately visit a doctor. Lastly, if you have been bitten or stung by an insect, you can try taking over the counter antihistamines. Usually, however, an ice pack is enough to treat such a swelling too.

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Treatment for fat lips

There is no mention of a reason for your fat lip. The natural reason would possibly be an injury of some kind that has led to your condition. In such cases, cold packs made with ice wrapped in a cloth are very effective in providing relief from the swelling and pain. Pain killers have a general tendency to slow down the healing process by reducing the flow of blood to the injury area. It is best to avoid them if you can. Instead, concentrate on natural pain-killers such as papaya and pineapple. These will help to fight the pain naturally.

Within 24 hours after you have been injured, it is better to use a warm compress rather than a cold pack. The warmth will help cleanse the injury and disperse the blood pooling there. After a day, you can use cold compresses. Arnica oil is also a very effective measure to soothe such injuries. You can also apply Witch Hazel to the area. This is a natural soother and will help in speeding up the process of healing tremendously. Squeeze out the juice from a grated potato and apply it on the lip. This will help heal it. You can also rub castor oil on the wound to reduce swelling. Applying olive oil will help in healing.

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