Hair Straightening Tips: How to make hair naturally straight?

Straight hair gives an air of elegance and sophistication and the key to stunning straight hair is keeping it healthy and soft. The overall look of your hair is highly influenced by its natural quality, texture and the haircut that you opt for. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, only chemical treatments can help straighten out the hair; however, these will cause damage to your hair. If your hair is layered, it is almost impossible to get a straight look. Damaged dry hair and split-ends increase the wavy effect. Blow drying or ironing wet hair damages it, leaving it dull, dry and lifeless. Pollution and stress also take a toll on hair texture. The excessive use of hair care and styling products damages hair because of the chemical content, leaving it looking unruly and wild. The shampoo and conditioner used play an important role in the overall texture and look of your hair. Hence, it is essential to choose hair care products carefully. Natural hair straightening techniques nourish and strengthen the hair leaving you looking gorgeous.

Hair that is well looked after looks beautiful as it is healthy. Milk, having a natural ability to straighten hair, should be massaged in to the scalp. Leave the milk on for 5-10 minutes and then wash it off with a mild shampoo. A mixture of coconut milk and avocado pulp, or coconut milk and lime, massaged into your hair is a wonderful hair mask to soften and straighten hair. Massaging the hair with a mixture of olive oil and dry leaves of rosemary gives the hair a soft texture. Oiling hair regularly nourishes it and keeps it straight, soft and silky. Massaging olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil into the scalp improves the texture of the hair as it stimulates blood circulation and conditions the hair leaving it soft and manageable. Wrapping your hair with a hot towel for at least half an hour after a massage is recommended as it allows the oil to soak into the scalp and penetrate the hair follicles completely. After washing hair with a mild shampoo, a final rinse with apple cider vinegar and water leaves the hair soft, shining and straight. Chamomile repairs split-ends and strengthens hair, giving it a rich shine and making it easy to manage. After a shower, hair tends to start curling and gets a wavy appearance. Allowing the hair to dry naturally and combing it repeatedly with a wide-tooth comb is recommended for straightening it out.

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A person is usually born with a certain style of hair, whether it is straight, curly, frizzy, or wavy. Any alterations that are made to the style of your hair are usually a deliberate change in your looks. Hair straightening is usually done by visiting by a beauty salon and undergoing various chemical treatments. These do irreversible damage to your hair. You can use some home remedies to straighten your hair. Add the juice from one lime to approximately a glassful of freshly extracted coconut milk. You should then refrigerate this mixture until a creamy layer has formed on top and you can use this cream on your scalp. The next thing to do is to cover your head with a hot towel for some time. Wash this off with a mild shampoo. After approximately three weeks you will notice a straightening of your hair.

You can also use a number of electrical appliances such as a blow dryer or a straightening iron to straighten your hair. These appliances are much less harmful to your hair than using any kind of chemicals. Use a hair dryer in conjunction with a round, full brush to straighten and give body to your hair. Ensure that you blow dry your hair in small sections only because blow drying it altogether will not achieve proper results. In addition, allow your hair to grow out. Unless you have naturally very curly hair, remember that short hair curls much faster than long hair because of the weight of the hair forces the curls to open up.

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