Health Advices for Treating a Dry Vagina: We have a problem. My wife suffers from dry vagina which causes sterility. Please help.

The vaginal dryness and sterility have no direct connection. Instead , these problems need to be treated separately. For the dryness, a natural lubricant would help this. These products are available at health food stores and will not effect conception or sperm health. For fertility issues, your wife should start by getting a hormone panel taken by a natural health specialist. She is probably low in progesterone and should start a natural progesterone therapy as well as herbal supplements that include Black Cohosh, Wild Yams, and lettuce. They are very effective, especially when used in combination with Red Raspberry leaves. Red Raspberry leaves can be taken in capsules or in a tea. The tea is preferred by most women. It can be taken throughout the entire pregnancy and lactation period to promote and easy birth and good milk supply. It also helps reduce the effects of PMS and it also regulates a woman's monthly cycle. Something else that might be causing these problems is excess stress. Your wife should take Hawthorn capsules to help reduce the effects of stress. Passion Flower is also excellent for stress related hormone imbalances and female sexual health. In the bedroom, your wife needs to relax. A warm bath before any activity may help promote relaxation and natural lubrication.

answered by R P

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